Success Stories

ElderCare Consult has helped a variety of families and clients to find the right solution for their care services.

Brain-injured Man Deals with Challenges

A client with a recent brain injury needs a guardian and conservator to help manage his life and insure his safety since he has no family that is able to provide those services. As guardians we arrange for semi-independent housing at a boarding home that is small and manageable. An allowance is set up to give this client a feeling of independence and choice. We help him apply for jobs that are within his capabilities and help him start school through services for people with disabilities. Set backs and frustrations are expected and dealt with in a compassionate but firm manner. The client eventually starts volunteering at the Humane Society and likes it so much decides to apply for a job there.


Classy 97-year-old Woman Fulfills Dream to Live in Own Home

A classy 97 year old woman fulfills her desire to continue living in her own home with the help of a care manager who hires and monitors the care of a live-in companion. By assuming the management of the care staff, we leave this client free to enjoy the remaining years she has left. When problems arise our care management staff steps in quickly and decisively to resolve issues and make certain that our client is cared for in the best way possible. With time this client decides to make us her guardian when she is unable to make decisions on her own.

Adult Son Seeks Nursing Home for Mother

An adult son, frustrated by the process of selecting a nursing home, contacted a care manager. The result was moving his mother to a more independent environment with hired caregivers from an agency that saves more than $2300.00 per month. Ongoing management of the environment and personal care agency assures that his mother receives the best care available and remains safe and happy in the new community. When problems arise, the care manager contacts the agency to resolve these problems without having to involve the son.


Elderly Woman in Assisted Living

An elderly incapacitated woman resides in an assisted living community. The family asked that the court award us co-guardianship for this client with a daughter acting as the other guardian. We coordinate and monitor services, advocating for the woman, and writing summary reports to the daughter who is guardian and the other adult children who are geographically scattered across the country. Our care managers make bi-monthly visits to the client to monitor medical and psychological changes and then make recommendations to the care staff at the assisted living community. Our care manager conducted a depression assessment and found that the client was indeed suffering from depression. We made recommendations to start an anti depressant. Follow up visits determined that the anti depressant was working as evidenced by increased participation in activities, improved appetite and better sleep.


Making Decisions When Independence Fails

A mentally sharp older gentleman with no family nominated a professional guardian and conservator when he learned that his brain tumor was inoperable. When he was no longer capable of making independent decisions and/or caring for himself--his care, financial affairs, and burial arrangements were carried out per his wishes by the guardian and conservator. We are able to meet his prior expressed needs and help to create the most comfortable and environment possible.


Elderly Woman Finds Care Manager and Companion

An elderly woman lives alone in a senior citizens apartment. Other than her Trust Administrator, she has no-one to turn to for support or assistance since all of her children live out of state. Adult children chose to have a professional guardian and conservator appointed for their mother to manage her care and financial affairs while simultaneously achieving and maintaining peace in the family. She now has a care manager and a part-time companion who offer her stimulation, socialization, and support multiple times each week. Her independent lifestyle has been fully maintained and the family is kept apprised of her condition on a regular basis.